Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Day

Well technically not as we woke up to snow this morning, Sunday, and so were not actually working. However as we are always busy on the house we decided that today would count as a Snow Day.

We have a labradoodle, Mortimer, who just loves the snow so we had to take him out for a long walk through the orchards this morning.

Please can I stay out?

There were lots of dogs out enjoying the snow and they seemed to be having enormous fun.

Dogs of all sizes

There are more photographs on Mortimer's blog.

As for us we just enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the peace of it all.

So peaceful

The starlings were enjoying the apples that have been left on the trees and when you got close would wheel up in a huge murmaration to descend after we'd passed.


And then home to sit in front of the fire with a glass of mulled wine.

Could we have another Snow Day tomorrow please?

Until next time



  1. Hi Sharon,
    I'm so happy to have found your blog. And I have to apologize for not finding it sooner. Thank you for mentioning me in such good company back in October.
    The photos from yesterday are gorgeous. Where are you that you're getting such lovely snow? Mortimer is adorable. It looks like he wasn't too cold.
    All the best and I'm now on the list. Ready to see what other cool projects you and Andrew get up to in the happy Nelson house. Stay warm.

    1. Aidan - thanks for dropping by! And Mortimer was pleased to have a mention. We are in the east of England, nearest large town is King's Lynn. We moved last April but were oh! so close to moving to France. But we went for the 'head' option as Andrew (freelance graphic designer) wasn't sure his clients would follow. So as soon as I come up with a way of earning a living there we're on our way! Meanwhile we're having fun restoring this rather tired house.

      Warm regards

      Sharon x