Thursday, 9 February 2012

How hard can it be......?

Now it may be the cold weather but I'm finding myself drawn to images like this:

Source: The Style-File Blog
Now I do have a bit of a blanket fetish. You may remember my gorgeous blanket made by my friend Carol

I have a beautiful blue & taupe alpaca one that Andrew bought me when we were sailing in the U.S. Much taken with afghan throws that I kept seeing while we were there I taught myself to crochet and soon had quite a production line, although I confess they were somewhat rustic (a.k.a. holey) in execution.

But what I'm craving at the moment is something like this:

Source: The Style-File Blog
Surely all I need is a giant pair of needles and some extra thick wool?

Suggestions welcome!

Until next time



  1. I'm thinking about a blanket made with second-hand cashmere sweaters...and then there's this:

  2. Interesting. I've been felting some old wool sweaters with the thought of making some cushions for the sofa, also saw an interesting project for a rug from old t-shirts.....or maybe a craft project too far?

  3. Here's another method for the tshirt rug: I'd go bats doing it just one colour, even red!

  4. You've certainly got the bit between your teeth on this one! I'm with you though - the one on the link does look like something that went wrong in the wash.