Thursday, 27 November 2014


The ditches and dykes have all been cleared in preparation for the winter storms.

Ready for winter rain
There are a lot of foggy mornings.

Misty churchyard
I much preferred the first frost of the season.

View from the bedroom - the first frost
Using the last of our neighbour's tomatoes to make chutney.

Mixed tomato chutney
Hunting down more squash recipes.

Squash risotto
Being the only people on the beach.

Hunstanton on a wet Sunday
And finally starting some Christmas shopping at the Ely Cathedral gift and food fair.

Ely Cathedral Christmas fair

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ely Cathedral

I did promise you more on Ely Cathedral a while ago but as you may have gathered from the paucity of recent posts (and apologies to those whose blogs I follow for the lack of comments) things have been a little fraught here recently. I'm not sure things will improve before the New Year however I really wanted to share Ely with you.

For a much better history of the building then look here but briefly Etheldreda (later Saint) founded a Christian community at Ely in 673AD. For centuries her shrine was visited by medieval pilgrims and the present cathedral was started in the 11th century.

Saint Etheldreda
I usually take a small camera about with me as it fits nicely in my pocket but sadly it does not do justice to a buiding on this scale so I've tried to capture the feel of the cathedral with more detailed shots, although I couldn't resist adding in some panoramic views to give you a sense of scale. I hope you enjoy this pictorial visit.

Andrew in admiration

Ceiling detail

Detail from a tomb

Repainted in the original colours - it would have been stunning

Tomb detail

Weeping cherub

The Victorian heating system still works

"Encounter" by David Wynne
 The cathedral has several pieces of modern sculpture which contrast beautifully with the ancient building. The one pictured above is of a distraught Mary Magdalene meeting Jesus on the morning of his resurrection and failing to recognise him.

This section of floor dates back to the 1320's

The cathedral also houses a wonderful stained glass museum with pieces spanning the centuries.