Sunday, 4 June 2017

May 2017

I was going to tell you all about May, the things we've achieved on the house but I know that you'll be scanning down until you find out about the bees so I'll have to start with them. The girls are still in town.
Busy bees
I haven't been into the hive yet but they seem happy and are bringing plenty of pollen in.

We took a half day holiday at the beginning of May to enjoy the Ely Eel Festival. We chose the day that the food & drink fair was on. Converted horse boxes seem to be the choice for a pop up bar.

Ely Eel Fair

Ely Eel Fair
 Although there was a great deal of super food for sale I wasn't sure about these suggestions.

Finally the carpet saga has ended and we have a finished hallway and stairs. I found some photographs of this area when we moved in


We've been upping the search for French properties lately and a lot seem to be in this style! However we now look like this


I spent hours on my hands and knees weeding the drive - thank heavens for trousers with built in knee pads. On the hottest day of the year (so far) seven tons of gravel arrived. Unfortunately I managed to wipe the photographs from my camera but you can imagine that it was a lot of gravel. First we had to redo the flower beds under the bay windows which now have lavender instead of ground elder. Gritting our teeth we just got on with it, Andrew with the shovel and me with the rake and lots of breaks and gallons of water.

The final external project was the area between the house and the workshop. Slightly out of sight it orginally was home to the old oil tank but even with that gone it was still a pretty nasty area.

Now it's a restful zen garden and nicely sheltered from the breeze.

There seem to have been a lot of 'before & afters' this month which is nice as it means we're finally getting towards the end of our renovation project. We just have some internal snagging to do, some paint patching and a deep clean and tidy. Externally Andrew is in the process of washing the fascias and wants to touch up the previously painted gutters which look a bit messy. Then it's off to the estate agents. Anyone want to buy a house in the country?