Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Bedroom four

Despite everything that's been going on this summer we have managed to finish the last bedroom. Andrew took a lot of the pressure off me and finished the painting, then I came swanning in with a few blankets and curtains and finished the whole thing off in an afternoon!

So this is how you last saw the room (and this is how it looked, it really wasn't staged).

Now we have this.

Farrow and Ball - Peignoir
We used one of Farrow and Ball's new colours - Peignoir - which is a soft grey-pink. I particularly like this room as many items have family connections and, apart from the light fitting, nothing has been bought new.  The small sofa my father gave me and I upholstered it. The needlework picture over the bed was done by Andrew's grandmother and the blanket was given to us as a gift.

The linen curtains are vintage Sanderson and found on Ebay. I can't recommend Ebay enough if you're looking for good quality curtains. People buy a new house and the curtains are left behind and not to their taste - you can save a fortune and get really lovely curtains for a fraction of the cost. The print I found in my parents loft a couple of months ago and I decided she just had to be the occupant of the room.

The wooden box I've had since I was about 12 and the necklace stand was another recent loft find - I think it had something to do with wool originally.

The carpet is a dark wine red which pleased the fitter no end as he said he was fed up with beige!

So the last big project is the hall, stairs and landing - not my favourite job. Andrew is in 'just do it' mode and has already stripped the wood chip off - there's an awful lot of filling and rubbing down to do.