About us

We both love design - of all things. Andrew has been a graphic designer for nearly for ever, starting when cutting & pasting involved a scalpel & a pot of glue! Although everything is done on his beloved Macs now he still has to have a pad & pencil by his side to sketch out ideas first.

My choice of careers has been more varied but I kept being pulled back to houses & design one way or other. I started in the travel industry which morphed somewhat into window dressing & exhibition design. Next was owning an antiques & furniture shop which I loved. I looked after the shop while my father did the furniture restoration - we both did the buying. We stopped the traffic in Tunbridge Wells with our display of country antiques which included giant resin pigs!

We were both lucky enough to take a work break and spent some time living on a boat in the U.S & Caribbean and I confess that most of the shipping container that came back was full of fabrics and household items from the islands!

On returning Andrew returned to graphic design and I started designing, firstly specialising in kitchens but then more general interior design. I like to show people that what they already own can work for them with some thought. Sometimes it just needs a fresh eye to show you how. Oh! and now we are three, with the addition of Mortimer our labradoodle who is a design challenge in his own right!