Sunday, 22 March 2015

Four good things

1. Solar eclipse

The clouds parted just enough for us to see the eclipse this week.

2. I'm organised

You may remember last year I was moaning about not having enough storage and too many clothes. Well I've been Ebaying and giving to charity shops, some hard decisions were made about clothes I loved but never wore. Andrew gave me a linen press for my birthday last year, a piece of furniture I had always yearned for and all my problems were solved.

3. Bees

I'm nearly half way through the bee keeping course. 3 out of 4 theory and then in May there are 4 practical lessons. Part of me really wants to keep bees but then I'm thinking, do I need something else in my life right now? And what happens when we move? At the moment the bees are winning!

4. I fell in love

It's OK Andrew knows, actually he approves. Sadly at €120,000 I know that this mill house is not going to be around when we're ready to buy :-(

Sunday, 15 March 2015

In the garden

Like many people I'm sure, the weather last weekend proved too irresistible and we abandoned our indoor jobs and hit the garden. Now that we have moved the dining table into the garden room everything is on full view, including a very shabby lawn and unkempt hedge.

Andrew said he was happy to trim if I cleared up the branches, I think he was a bit nervous as to the havoc I could wreak with an electric hedge cutter. The hedge is privet and needs to be cut fairly early before nesting season starts, it's quite popular in our garden as Andrew found out.

I was just about to rant about people leaving litter in the countryside and the birds and animals picking it up when I looked across at one of our old builder's bags.

Obviously the bird in question had been helping herself!

The next find was at the bottom of the hedge - now I know where all the walnuts went!

As I type this the weather is very grey with a rather nippy north easterly so I think it will be indoor tasks today. Such a fair-weather gardener!