Sunday, 15 March 2015

In the garden

Like many people I'm sure, the weather last weekend proved too irresistible and we abandoned our indoor jobs and hit the garden. Now that we have moved the dining table into the garden room everything is on full view, including a very shabby lawn and unkempt hedge.

Andrew said he was happy to trim if I cleared up the branches, I think he was a bit nervous as to the havoc I could wreak with an electric hedge cutter. The hedge is privet and needs to be cut fairly early before nesting season starts, it's quite popular in our garden as Andrew found out.

I was just about to rant about people leaving litter in the countryside and the birds and animals picking it up when I looked across at one of our old builder's bags.

Obviously the bird in question had been helping herself!

The next find was at the bottom of the hedge - now I know where all the walnuts went!

As I type this the weather is very grey with a rather nippy north easterly so I think it will be indoor tasks today. Such a fair-weather gardener!


  1. Still have four-foot snowbanks here, and a bit more snow came down overnight. Gardening chores - very light this time of year, which is good, cause it leaves more time for shovelling...

  2. I do envy you the snow! We've had little more than a light dusting this winter. Very disappointing.

  3. All very Spring-like. I love the nest. This morning I saw an advert for nesting materials, which you apparently buy and hang in a handy place, birds-for-the-use-of. Not needed chez Sharon and Andrew, evidently.

  4. Oh my word! what an odd idea! The only nesting material we put out is dog hair, the nests round here are probably very snug!