Thursday, 27 November 2014


The ditches and dykes have all been cleared in preparation for the winter storms.

Ready for winter rain
There are a lot of foggy mornings.

Misty churchyard
I much preferred the first frost of the season.

View from the bedroom - the first frost
Using the last of our neighbour's tomatoes to make chutney.

Mixed tomato chutney
Hunting down more squash recipes.

Squash risotto
Being the only people on the beach.

Hunstanton on a wet Sunday
And finally starting some Christmas shopping at the Ely Cathedral gift and food fair.

Ely Cathedral Christmas fair


  1. Oh gosh, Christmas fairs in cathedrals is obviously the new thing. Ripon Cathedral had one last weekend. A little early for my taste, but it really was excellent. Lovely things on sale - no tat at all. Great photos: thanks.

  2. Thank you for your photo comment. I have to say Ely's fair was the same - really nice things for sale (and eat!). The reindeers were a little disappointing though as they just lay down and ate hay all day :-)