Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Now I've got a bit of a thing about pinning. No not like these

but pinning as in Pinterest.

For those of you unaware, Pinterest is an online pinboard where you can pin images from the internet, or upload your own, to personal boards. It's a great way of collecting inspirational images or products and the bonus being the source of the photo stays with it. 

Most users seem to have house or personal style related boards although there do seem to be a lot of photographs of cup cakes. And tattoo designs. Some are just plain weird, I came across one woman who had a board called 'My future' and it had lots of photos of babies & cute toddlers. As I said, weird.

My boards are nearly all related to interiors and I have a board for each room of the house. At the moment we're focusing on the study (our next big project) so I've been keeping an eye out for ideas.
For example I ordered a sample of this wallpaper but as the suppliers website  gave a good visual I pinned.

possible study wallpaper

If you want so see more on the study/office then go here. Andrew came up with a new design style as I was trying to explain my concept for the office during a recent dog walk (so without any visual aids). He called it ' vint-o-funk'. He got it when he saw the pin  board.

Now the alert of you will have seen two little boxes in the top left of the photo. When you put an image on your board it puts 'repin' & 'like' buttons. So if you want to 'copy' the image you just repin. If you like it, but don't actually want it then hit the like button. Am I getting too complicated?

The best bit for me, and what makes it mildly addictive, is that if you get a like or a repin,an email is sent to you and you can look who has pinned what. I find it fascinating to see what really rocks peoples boats. I have a board called 'French Style' which is very popular and has it's own followers. But yesterday I had the most repins I've ever had for just one image.

Everyone just loved the zebra wallpaper. What do you think?

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  1. Replies
    1. C'mon then Sue - share your boards!

  2. This is a weird thing. Over the last month or so everybody but everybody seems to be into Pinterest. Very viral I've signed up, but haven't pinned yet (but I will). As to that zebra wallpaper .... hmmm. I can admire it, but I don't think I could love it. Or live with it.

  3. Hi Kalba - it's just amazing what people love! My French board is by far the most popular although I do think there is a 'westernised' version of French interiors. Thinking of a few of the French, privately owned hotels we've stayed in over the years ( you know the sort, a riot of flowered wallpaper everywhere, including the ceiling) I'm not sure all French people have good taste! Regards Sharon

    P.S. Mortimer has packed his pet passport & a bag of bones for Noodle - he's on his way!

    1. Meant 'romanticised' not 'westernised'!