Saturday, 28 January 2012

Coffee any one?

Remember this?
Kitchen - boiler end
Well now it looks like this

Barista bar
Espresso, latte? Or maybe a chilled glass of white?

Until next time



  1. That looks familiar. Been there done that, and it's so exciting when you can post the 'House Beautiful' photo. Sadly, 2 years on, although our kitchen still looks pretty good, it's unlikely to attract the attentions of 'House Beautiful'. I suppose we shouldn't use it every day.....

    By the way, your kitchen really looks fantastic!

  2. Looks absolutely fabulous!
    C xx

    1. Thank you ladies! I know what you mean Margaret, all good intentions to keep it shiny and glossy but...... Still in my mind a kitchen has to be used or it has no soul or memories. Hope it's not too cold for you in Laroque at the moment. Sharon

    2. Sharon, what's that posh looking electric gizmo underneath your worktop counter? Is it what I think it is, or is it something else entirely?

    3. Hi Kalba. Well if you think that it's a wine chiller so I can have a kir at the drop of a hat, you'd be right. Such a waste of money, hardly used............! Sharon