Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I had to search hard for a word to describe how I feel at the moment and decided that it was listless. Usually January sees me raring to go, full of enthusiasm but not at the moment. All I really want to do is stop, just have a guilt-free me day but the puritan in me won't allow it, I feel huge angst if I'm not busy. And it's worse because, even as I type, Andrew is tied to his desk with a major graphics job. I have  several projects that I need to tackle but all I'm doing is picking at the edges, getting easily distracted, concentrating on the mundane tasks that keep me busy but don't really achieve anything. And certainly don't earn me any money or progress the house.

Maybe it was the race to get the kitchen done, we were full on for several weeks and then Christmas & New Year came and we still didn't stop. The weather isn't helping, I want crisp, cold days and we keep getting warm, grey days with the odd gale thrown in for good measure. It's not that I'm depressed  or self-pitying just, well, listless.

Hey ho. Maybe another espresso will help. And a good slap around the face with a wet kipper :-)

Until next time



  1. Hi Sharon, over from Aidan's blog. I have been feeling listless too, can't be arsed to do a number of things I should be, like getting my son's bedroom door fixed before it gets to the state where I'll have to buy a new one!

    I've got to the point though (at 48) where I don't feel guilty if I take a break though, and I usually feel better for listening to my head saying 'go read that book' which is actually all I want to do at the moment - read.

    I don't live with a partner which helps of course, but I find that enthusiasm comes back, it falls from the sky and I'm already to go again. This weekend I'm going to fix the door and see about getting the new glasses I need and haven't done anything about since November!

    Probably... :)

    1. LOL :-) Your words were much better than a wet kipper! I've a couple of years on you but wisdom hasn't yet caught up. Fingers crossed for your busy weekend

      P.S BTW love the blog - you're now added to my list

  2. Hi Sharon, gosh you're a busy girl, that kitchen is looking spectacular. Even more impressive is how you're doing it yourselves (reading the instructions and passing the screws is very important - don't discount it!) I'm not surprised you're feeling a little blah - probably need a bit of down time to recharge the batteries!
    Have you thought about activating your email address in your blogger profile - that way folks can email replies to your comments, easy peasy.
    Good luck with it all! x x