Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pear & Panettone pudding

So during breaks from wafting around the house in a listless manner I have been indulging in some cooking and one of my winter favourites is this Pear & Panettone pudding. Somehow a couple of these slip into the shopping basket post-Christmas when they get heavily discounted.

If you can't get hold of one then I think a brioche loaf with a handful of mixed dried fruit would work. In fact I'm thinking of this in the summer and substituting apricots for the pears.  It is a rich pudding but not at all heavy - you won't know you've eaten it. Perfect after a long walk when it's like this......

Frosty morning walk
Anyway for the ingredients you need:

3 medium eggs
150g golden caster sugar
425 ml. double cream
425 ml. full cream milk
1 tbls. dark rum (I've also used Cointreau in the past)
Softened salted butter
10-12 x 1cm. slices of panettone
2 slightly under ripe pears, peeled, cored quartered and sliced longways

Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/GM4

Chunky slices

Whisk the eggs and sugar in a bowl, then whisk in the cream, milk and rum. Butter the panettone and arrange lengthwise in overlapping slices to cover the base of a 35cm/2.6 litre oval gratin or shallow oven proof dish. At this stage make sure you've chosen a dish that will happily fit inside another dish.

Buttered & arranged

Scatter the pears over the top. Pour the custard mixture over and around the panettone and pears.

Place the dish in a roasting dish with water ⅔rds of the way up the side. Bake for one hour till the custard is puffy and the bread golden.  You can warm some apricot jam and brush the bread to give a nice glaze.

In the oven

Leave for half an hour before eating, works well cold (if you have any left over).

Now on a completely different note  the delightful Kirsty dropped in from her blog to say hi and suggested that I allowed my e-mail for you to comment on. So I will be setting up a new email address just for your exclusive use. No more excuses for all of you who read the blog (and I know you're there as I can see you on the stats :-)) not to say hello.


  1. That looks yummy, a posh version of bread and butter pudding! Must give it a go.

  2. Can vouch for the apricot version too, especially with Amaretto! Frustratingly, panettone almost never gets discounted here in France (not surprising. Almost nothing ever gets discounted here, even when it's 17 years past its use-by date ...), but it still has a habit of somehow falling into my basket. Wish I knew how it did that, all on its own :-)

    1. Thanks for the Amaretto tip - well worth trying!

  3. Buenas dias from Puerto Rico.Staying round here til we get back from 3 week dash to Oz in March.Glad to hear you've stopped twiddling thumbs and done some serious eating.Well,this cruising life ,as you know ,involves a lot of thumb twiddling but we're still having fun and keeping abreast of the Nelson house.We're still thinking that we'll be doing a similar thing in the Smokey Mts in the near future,but ,as you know,plans while cruising might as well be written in the sand at low tide.Bye for now