Thursday, 25 September 2014

What to do in Nova Scotia in the winter.

When we were cruising we met some fantastic people, some only once or twice, some we kept bumping into and some who were kind enough to give us food and lodging. Sue and Randy fell into the last two categories. We first met them in Grenada where we were anchored for several months during hurricane season.  There was a memorable new year's eve in Bequia and several rum sodden days (and nights) in Antigua. When we sold Paragon we weren't quite ready to head back to the U.K and so did a short road trip of Canada. Sue & Randy had headed back to Nova Scotia by then and were preparing for their next winter season in the Caribbean but this didn't stop them offering us accommodation for a week and guiding us through their glorious part of Canada.

They've now stopped cruising, but not traveling, and are creatively funding their travel kitty. Sue sells vintage items on Etsy but by far the most impressive is her own hooked items. These combine traditional methods with some stunning contemporary designs. I've sold antique hooked rugs before although I've never tried making them - maybe I should...

An abstract wall hanging by Sue

I love this cushion

Randy isn't letting the grass grow under his feet either. We'd often admired his woodworking skills on the Nancy Dawson but now he's turning his hand to furniture. This table has a wonderful Arts & Crafts Movement feel to it.

Crafted by Randy

Anyway have a look at their Etsy shop Lake Annis Studios to see their work.


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    1. You're welcome - perhaps you could teach me next year?!

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    1. I agree. Aren't the winters in the Ariege cold and dark Kalba...

  3. How strange! I read another blog by someone who uses Etsy. You might like her too:

    1. Nooooo! not another blog to follow! I like Etsy and even have a shop there although there's nothing on it, Ebay seems quicker at the moment.

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    1. You're back! So good to some blog posts from you!