Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Progress report

Do you know how much I love that title? Progress report. Yes we've made progress, well once again that is the royal we as it's all down to Andrew. I've grown used to his abilities but this time I do have to single out his skill with the tri-fold doors, something he's never done before. We were a tad nervous as there is very little tolerance - you have to make the opening to within a couple of millimetres or the doors won't fit. We had bought the doors from Vufold and I would highly recommend them, although the instructions are long, and quite complex, the quality of the product is excellent and everything was seamless.

So do you remember this?

The sun room before
Which became this (sadly I didn't take any photographs of the plastic sheeting that filled the hole all winter).

Two doors down

Then we held our breath for door number three.

Smiles all round - they work!
We added decking and my contribution was some gardening and oiling the deck.

Ta dah!
A nice benefit is that the bricks heat up during the day and stay warm in the early evening making it a lovely place to sit and enjoy aperos!

Now we've got the internals to do, although most of the plumbing and electrics have been done and the stud walls are up. I did toy with the idea of a chaise longue in the room so that I could lounge and admire the garden but sadly I was vetoed and the room will stay as planned and be our dining area,


  1. Speechless with admiration at your joint skills. Chapeau!

    1. Thank you Margaret - but the skill really was Andrew's.

  2. Looks fabulous - what a transformation! Carol x

  3. Thank you Carol, I confess we are quite pleased!

  4. Really gorgeous! Great job. Now we really have to come and visit.

    1. Thank you! You know you're welcome anytime.