Wednesday, 3 September 2014

An English summer

Hello! Remember me? I'm the person who used to blog once a week, sometimes more, about life at Nelson House. Well I did until August hit that is. August should be quiet workwise for both of us, so we had planned lots of visitors and a list of things to progress the house but work didn't slacken off and I certainly wasn't going to cancel guests - we love our visitors! So progress on the house came to a shuddering halt and we just kept partying and are now officially exhausted. Rather than long prose, here is our August in photographs.

There was a lot of canine activity, particularly as several guests brought their dogs (much to Mortimer's delight) and there is a new guide dog trainee in the village - Hoby Hoy (H.H. for short),

Mortimer & Dexter - not sure Mr M is really trying!
Dexter & H.H wouldn't stop playing

Which did put Mortimer's nose out of joint somewhat
But he is adorable

And now he's grown a bit Mortimer is happy
Hunstanton is a firm favourite with guests and several trips were made. When the sun is shining what better place than a traditional seaside town?

Old Hunstanton beach

Andrew and the dogs enjoyed paddling
Dexter just loves to dig!
There were beach huts

and bowls

and music from the bandstand

and errant dogs.

As well as a dog who ate too much ice cream...

Are we nearly home yet?
Another favourite destination this summer was Ely which has a good mix of historical buildings, good independent shops and some lovely walks (and restaurants) by the river. We enjoyed the food and gift fair in the grounds of Ely Cathedral.

Ely summer food and gift fair
Several lunches by the river

The Great Ouse
and of course the cathedral

Andrew in admiration
I have got a post planned for Ely Cathedral later on - hopefully soon if September can calm down. Just a little. Please.


  1. What a huge variety of experiences you area can offer. So looking forward to our own visit - maybe next year now.

    1. The choice is yours Margaret - although I would recommend Ely - such a beautiful city.

  2. Hi Sharon & Andrew, have sent you an email to goat boat. Hope it goes through. Love the blog.
    Gail & Peter

    1. Hi Wallabies! Lovely to hear from you - we've been keeping tabs on you via your blog. Have got your email and will reply shortly!