Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Borough Market, London

Last weekend we were invited to stay with Andrew's sister in London to help celebrate her birthday. We all love these trips to the capital, we get our fix of city living and Mortimer gets to play with his pal Dexter along with a hundred other dogs in the park.

Are we there yet?

You may remember when we went at Easter we took a trip to Liberty of London, well this time it was Borough Market, a foodie haunt near London Bridge station. It has become a magnet for tourists and some of the prices are a little on the steep side (£6.00 for a jar of Bonne Maman compote?) but the variety of food was extraordinary, and the quality superb. You could certainly buy the ingredients for a stunning meal or just graze on the ready cooked food available. We had a fabulous time and as the trains from our nearest station go into London Bridge we're considering another outing. Thanks Carole!

The Shard, London Bridge

A taste of summer
Almost autumnal
Andrew was very taken with the saucisson storage system (shown above) and is tempted to make his own from some bushel boxes we have.

No cooking required!


  1. Yes, I love Borough Market too, but it's a bit too self-conscious, and it's a shame it's not as 'ordinary' as the average weekly market in France. As you say, £6.00 for a jar of factory-farmed jam.....

  2. I totally agree with you Margaret, but there are lots of ordinary U.K markets that aren't a patch on the French ones. Cheap fruit & vegetables bought in and appalling quality. Borough Market for me was such a visual treat and on a sunny Saturday a lovely way to spend an afternoon.