Wednesday, 2 July 2014

London with the top down

The weather was so nice as we started our journey north last week that we decided to drive through London with the top down - much to Mortimer's delight as a pizza delivery motorcycle pulled up next to us. Our route took us through Victoria, Hyde Park, Marble Arch and the Edgeware Road. Each time we stopped I found myself gazing up at the skyline and thought a photographic mini project might be fun. I would liked to have spent more time photographing buildings as some of the detail on the brickwork was superb but a strange thing happened. You know the law that dictates a dropped slice of toast always falls butter side down? Well, when you have a camera in hand, all traffic lights turn to green on your approach!

1930's Tudorbethan glimpsed through the trees

Art Deco entrance

What was established in 1444? *

Once a cinema now a church

Beautiful carved brick designs
* Don't you just love the internet? The answer is the Red Lion Hotel, Kilburn - although probably an inn or hostel in 1444


  1. I so agree about the green lights thing. It's been happening to me a lot in the run-up to the Tour de France. And I don't do car envy at all: not a clue whether anyone's driving a Robin Reliant or a Mercedes. But I would like an open-topped car. So I'm doing car-envy today. Great photos by the way. I love London brickwork too.

    1. I'm like you Margaret, as long as a car gets me from A to B I'm not bothered at all. I used to have an old MG Roadster which I loved. Andrew inherited this car and it is fun, particularly now we've found a way to secure Mortimer in the back. Next time we're driving through London I'm going to be more prepared and start taking the photographs earlier!