Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Out with the old, out with the old

I'm not good at New Year's resolutions, if there is something that you want to achieve I'm not sure how a change of year will help. Maybe it's because I'm not target driven but task orientated. I do however like a good clear out at New Year, it's when I do my spring cleaning. Now I know that I've mentioned before that I don't like clutter and that when you see the following photographs you will yell 'hypocrite!' but things have got a little out of control and so the January de-cluttering will be more ruthless than normal.

I am not by any means a fashionista, I enjoy clothes but have far too many. Partly it was a confidence thing;if it's new I must look better which isn't true. Time and time again I stare at the bulging rails and it's the same clothes that come out, so if I don't wear half my wardrobe what's the point of owning so much? I did a bit of research (just for fun) on capsule wardrobes and quite frankly I don't have the lifestyle where I need a pair of trousers to take me through from the office to a winebar  - just swap the blouse for a YSL 'le smoking'. Nor do these people really visit the country in winter. Wellies, jeans and a warm,waterproof yet washable jacket are needed not expensive leather boots and a tweed jacket. So I'm on my own.

Anyway. Here are the before photographs of my two clothes rails (I WILL get a wardrobe this year).

The blue, red and purple rail

Greys and browns
It's not a pleasant sight is it? The reason that I'm telling you all this is that it will make me get rid of things as I'm now honour bound to post the 'after' shots. There are lots of clothes that I like but I don't wear so what's the point? At least the charity shops will benefit.

I think the hardest part will be editing accessories. My usual style is for plain colours and classic cuts but I do love accessories - shoes,scarves, gloves and hats. I tell myself you can't have too many. But as my overflowing scarf basket (winter colours only) shows, you can.

So messy
Wish me luck!

Meanwhile I realised that I haven't posted any photographs on the 'orangery' for a while. This is the biggest project on the house and Andrew has been working like a Trojan particularly on the roof. The room is now in the dry and I can finish planning the space - a utility area, replacement shower room and a dining area.

Open space

New roof

And finally on the last day of 2013 we were given a gorgeous sunset.  Best wishes for 2014.

Winter sunset


  1. I'm impressed. On so many levels I'm impressed. The orangery is clearly a great work in progress. 'Courage' as our French friends say. Now, you may have picked up I'm a hoarder and can't get rid of stuff without going into deep mourning. Cathartic? Pah! What I WILL say of your clothes collection, and this won't help you a bit, is that the moment for wearing them may return. I wore yesterday a jumper I adore, which has spent 'time out' at the bottom of a cupboard, but which I bought 29 years ago. Perhaps I'm not the person to encourage you in your efforts......

    1. I'm impressed that you can still fit in a jumper that old! Rest assured I do have old favourites but if it doesn't really suit me now it won't 10 years down the line. And back to your jumper - it can't have stayed in that cupboard for so long. How many times have you packed and re-packed it...

  2. Oh, I'm brilliant at packing Sharon. Just not at discarding.