Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Change of tack

I know a tenuous link to tacking! our old boat S.V.Paragon

Back in June I optimistically said that we would be working on two projects over the summer months, the 'orangery' and another guest room. Well it didn't quite work out like that. Although we saw the orangery as one project it really is two - external and internal. Andrew did incredibly well and finished all the externals and got the room watertight by the end of November and we felt as though we had reached the end. But of course we hadn't as there is still a huge amount to do internally. Christmas came and went and the weather was cold and wet and we couldn't get back into the swing of things so I suggested a diversion - move onto the guest room. At least it is a proper room and should be a shorter project and will see us through until it warms up a bit and the orangery will be a more pleasant place to work.

We then had a discussion about the use of the room. Although it is one of the smaller bedrooms our 6 feet wide bed works better here than anywhere so we've decided that this will be our room (again!).

Fortunately one wall has already been plasterboarded and another is internal so we only have to deal with two walls from scratch. Last weekend we spent a happy day knocking concrete off one wall.

One wall down
And plaster off the second.

And then the second
We have to do this to put insulation up, the disadvantage of not having cavity walls. Then it's the old routine of plasterboard, plastering, moving radiators and finally decorating. Still, at least this room's for us!


  1. Looks amazing to see the room Jude and I were in last year in ruins. Don't blame you moving to a warmer room for a while. Do you guest have to bring there own tents now☺☺:-)

    1. Hi Matt - no need for tents! This is our old room at the back, we're still in the pink guest room at the front. The grey room is still reserved for guests so you're both welcome any time.

  2. A shorter project eh? Hmmmm........

    1. Trust me Margaret - this one's a doddle!