Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Januarys past - Junkanoo

While I was editing the photographs for the last post, i-photo started playing up. I called our in house technical support a.k.a. Andrew who muttered and tutted, eventually saying that the hard drive was on its last legs and when did I last back up? Now the Mac I use is one of Andrew's cast offs, which I'm very happy withas he needs to have really good computers but I don't, but I benefit. Particularly in this case as apparently I have (or had) three hard drives. Who knew? So Andrew did a lot of techy things and I'm up and running, faster tha before. 

But even better were the photographs that we found on one of the drives I wasn't using - all from our cruising days. We did have copies but I didn't have easy access. So we spent a happy couple of hours reminiscing and a lot of "this time in 20.."

One group of photographs that really stood out was of Junkanoo in The Abacos, Bahamas and I thought that they would add a splash of colour to this dreary January afternoon. Junkanoo takes place all over the Bahamas between Christmas and early January and is a street parade with music, dance and fabulous costumes. The origin of the name is obscure, possibly from the French 'L'inconnu" meaning the unknown, referencing the masks that are often worn. There may also be West African roots as many features are similar to the YorubaEgungun festivals. The festival began during the 17th century when slaves were given a special holiday at Christmas when they could leave the plantations and celebrate with their families.

We had spent Christmas anchored off Green Turtle Cay and stayed to enjoy the festivities in early January. The parades involve islanders of all ages and months of preparation. I hope the photographs brighten up your day!

I loved this little girl

It was hot & some of the costumes were very heavy


  1. How very jolly. That looks wonderful

  2. It certainly beats the mud I'm surrounded with at the moment!