Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bees & birthdays

We were quite worried about the butterflies and bees earlier in the year. 2012 had not been good weather for them and with a really wet and cold spring we noticed fewer hives in the orchards. But the long hot spell seems to have improved matters and although I can't compete with Margaret's butterfly photographs, we did get close to some of the bees collecting pollen from the hibiscus' in the front garden.

Last year Mortimer gave me a bag of dog biscuits for my birthday, which didn't go down too well with me. However this year he, allegedly, baked me a chocolate cake, although he had to have some help from Andrew when the ganache split. It was definitely better than dog treats!

Autumn seems to be heading towards us with a rush, our lane is populated in the evenings with people picking blackberries, the pickers have arrived for the apple harvest and Andrew took this shot of the field next door being cut.

I'll have to start sorting out the woolly jumpers soon.


  1. Great photos, and thanks for the accolade too. We've just fetched up in England and brrr! Chilly mornings. But lovely as well. I'm glad you had a good birthday, thanks to one very talented dog.

  2. I think you've brought the beautiful weather with you, although in fairness we have enjoyed a lovely summer. As for a talented dog - it's all in the training. Actually didn't you bake a chocolate cake for Malcolm's birthday which you weren't entirely happy with (although it looked good to me) ? If you want any tips...

  3. Took my jumpers out of storage this week ..
    I love the pictures and the food made me feel quite hungry .
    I hope the roofing repairs went okay .
    I can recommend the brewery tour


    1. Good to hear from you Mike - glad you like the photos - some must have been familiar! I'm with you with the jumpers - it's certainly feeling autumnal up here.