Sunday, 15 September 2013

Summer visitors

We were lucky this summer to have lots of friends and family to stay, some of whom we hadn't seen for a couple of years. It's nice for us as it gives us a break from working on the house and we get to go exploring. These photgraphs give a flavour of summer 2013.

Lots of these were prepared.

Which resulted in quite a lot of these.

So you weren't hungry then?
We spent time on the beach at Old Hunstanton, which Mortimer and friend Ben thoroughly enjoyed. You've no idea how tired they were that evening!

Old Hunstanton beach

We did the tour at Elgoods Brewery and gardens and managed not to get stuck in the maze. Their logo is taken from the family crest which includes a black dog holding a key. Is it me or does it really look like a big bone?
Elgoods Brewery, Wisbech

Which did inspire us to take a couple of trips to the Beers of Europe warehouse. This is a fabulous place which not only sells beers, ciders & perrys from the U.K, Europe and all over the world but also has a huge range of spirits.

Beers of Europe warehouse

On one of the few overcast days that we had we visited Ely, spending a very long time in an antiques centre.

And Andrew mastered the art of making the perfect mojito.

What's the use of a herb garden if you don't use the herbs?
So with summer nearly spent we're welcoming the first of our autumn guests in a couple of weeks. Now where shall we go?


  1. I'd never had a mojito (or - um - even heard of them) until some guests invited us for an apéro with them on their last night and presented us with a large jug of the stuff. Miam miam!

    Glad you've had a lovely summer, Sharon :)

    1. Although we knew of them we'd never had them until a couple of weeks ago - I can almost convince myself that they're healthy!

  2. Though not a lover of beer, that brewery visit looks fascinating. You'll be glad to hear we're having our first, and probably last summer pudding of the year this evening

  3. Sadly with the weather this weekend we're way past summer puddings Margaret - last night was apple & blackberry crumble. Savour your's this evening.