Monday, 26 August 2013

But I never win anything!

One of the things I love about the blogsphere is the way that idle browsing can lead you to 'meet' so many interesting people. As you know I have quite a long list of blogs that I follow, some I read on an almost  daily basis and some I drop into now and again. When I have time, usually one of my magic moments at 6 a.m., I look at the blogs of commentators, or the blog rolls that people have. It was this way that I found The Wide Angle Café (the link is to some of my favourite images on the site).

I think that I originally found the blog via Sara, an energetic Texan, married to a Frenchman and living in a small village in Provence. Well she mentioned the Wide Angle Café and I thought I'd drop by and take a look, I loved what I saw and so became a follower.

Well imagine my surprise when an e-mail arrived from George yesterday morning saying that I'd won one of his beautiful prints. I could choose from two landscapes of Ireland and although the coloured print was gorgeous it just had to be the black & white seascape for me. I've always been drawn to b & w images and have a small collection of prints, sketches and photographs which one day will grace our upstairs hall.

So a big thank you to George and Sara for expanding my horizons and giving me a lovely start to my week.

Maybe I should by a lottery ticket tomorrow?


  1. Wonderful image - lucky you! I daren't look at people's blog rolls as I read quite enough blogs already thank you. It could become a 100 hour a week occupation, couldn't it?

  2. At least! Every so often I do a serious bit of editing but then new ones come along...

  3. *sigh*. What to do? So much interesting stuff out there.....