Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Summer bounty

This has been a strange year for summer fruit. The rhubarb season was late and has run into the strawberry & raspberry season which, with the recent spell of hot weather, is now galloping along. Our kind neighbour brought round the last of his rhubarb and some redcurrants.

Beautiful redcurrants
And then Andrew spotted that the farm shop was doing an offer 'too good to refuse' and came home with 10lbs of raspberries.

Raspberry glut
So a few more jars of rhubarb jam were made and a lot of raspberry (about 15 I think! I lost count), fresh raspberry Bakewell tart - which got eaten before I remembered to take a photograph, and Andrew's famous summer pudding.

Summer pudding
And then it was the end of the day at the strawberry seller...and more jam for the cupboard. So now I really do have to stop making jam as the three shelves reserved for preserves are full and I've spread to the next cupboard. Hope my next guests like jam!


  1. Oh! Oh! Don't do this to me. Raspberries here in this neck of France ARE obtainable, but the heat means they're nothing like so luscious, or as plentiful as their northern cousins. A costly treat. And summer pudding, our favourite-pud-bar-none is not really do-able here except with frozen fruit and not-the-right-kind-of-bread. That's just cheating. But I WAS given a lot of pink currants, previously unknown to me. And they're good.

  2. Oops hit the wrong button and deleted first comment! As I was saying Margaret feel free to break your next journey back to Ripon for a slice of summer pudding (or raspberry Bakewell). And please stop telling me about soft fruit that I won't be able to get in Quercy - you're sending my French house hunt ever further north. At this rate we'll be in Calais! Surely there are some fruity benefits to the south?