Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer weekend

In anticipation of the first of our summer guests the garden has had its mini overhaul. Fences have been painted, plants pruned, furniture varnished and new cushions made. I did feed the grass but the hot weather has not helped much on the lawn front.

After the makeover
Saturday morning we all walked Mortimer and I took advantage of a fellow graveyard lover to slip into the grounds of our local church. Normally I can't go in as dogs are forbidden and I usually have Mortimer, who as you can see was desperate to join us.


This churchyard has a number of huge specimen trees giving some very welcome shade as well as creating a calm atmosphere.

A shady spot
In the oldest section of the grounds the graves date from the mid 18th century and many are still in remarkably good condition, even if some of the carvings have softened over the years.

18th century gravestone

Some however may not stand another severe winter as they have some quite large cracks.

After the walk our guests asked if they could go shopping, apparently new clothes were in order so we headed to Springfields near Spalding. On the way up we went passed a field of yellow flowers which looked like daffodils, not unusual as it is a prime bulb growing area. But at the end of July this was strange, so I spent the next few hours muttering about meddling with nature and G.M crops. On the way back I asked Andrew to pull over so that I could have a closer look. And found that they weren't daffodils at all but acres of glorious yellow lilies.

Golden lilies
There were some rogue colours as well, slipped in between the yellow rows.

Rogue orange flowers at the rear
Sunday was another beautiful day and we had a late light lunch in the garden before our guests returned to London.

Andrew and his god-daughter hamming for the camera!
I'm just hoping that the weather is as good for our next guests.


  1. Some gorgeous photos here. Love the angelic gravestone.

  2. Thank you Margaret - although I think the second cherub looks like he's a bit hacked off!