Sunday, 10 July 2011


Upstairs hall

So now to take you upstairs.

One of the things that attracted us to the house was the light. We first visited late on a Saturday afternoon in January and the setting sun flooded through the arched window. Notice the skirting boards here completely different to the sitting room.

Master bedroom
Master bedroom - other end

At the moment we are in the guest room as a temporary decoration of the master bedroom is high on my list. I'm hoping to get rid of the carpet and sand the floorboards and a quick paint. Most rooms in the house are two tone and it's like an explosion in an ice cream factory! This room is strawberry pink and banana sundae with ginger carpet. The office is pistachio & coffee and the sitting room peach & vanilla.

Guest room 1

Guest room 2 - more ice cream

And finally - the star of the show -'Lemon Sorbet Bathroom'!

Basin -& no evidence there was a mirror

Loo & non-matching plastic seat

I can't remember when I last saw a carpeted bath

Saving grace - an electric shower

The good points are that it is quite a good size, it does have hot & cold water and a large window. I would like to change it immediately but sadly most of the plumbing that needs to be done in the rest of the house will involve this room and underfloor space so it will have to wait. But at least I might be able to find a mirror and some towel hooks!

So there you are, Nelson House in a nut shell.

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