Sunday, 24 July 2011

30 minute makeover

When you move into a new house there is usually so much to do that you accept what the previous owners did or had until something brings you up short and makes you question it. A recent example was the siting of the dustbins. We have two, one for general garbage and the other for recycling, and they are not attractive. When we moved in they were sited either side of the back door.


Now this is a convenient position as they are a stone's throw from the kitchen and so we carried on until we had to move the kitchen table. The table had to move into the orangery as the sofas had to come out of the sitting room so we could take the plaster off the walls. So the kitchen now looks like this.

6 weeks on it's still like this

Suddenly my view from the dining table was the top of two dustbins, not something that complements a fine dining experience. So they were moved past the kitchen window to a blank wall, still easy to get to but hidden from the house. A quick trip to the garden centre netted two trays of bright pink geraniums, existing shrubs were ousted from the pots and instantly a much cheerier area. Every time I see the plants they make me smile.  Then this arrived and completed the scene. All I need now is a new mat. I would like to paint all the woodwork white but as it connects to the log shed, garage and shed.....


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