Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sitting room ceiling

The ceiling had an artex finish and we had hoped to put a skim over it but no such luck. We discovered that the fireplace end of the room had hardboard as a ceiling. Our decision to take this down was made for us when we watched a Sarah Beeney nightmare house programme and saw just how inflammable this stuff was. And of course if we did one end we had to do the other.  Taking the old stuff down was relatively easy, even if we did create our own version of the Ai Weiwei seed art installation.

Our tribute to Ai Weiwei

Once the ceiling was down and there were no nails showing through the lathes we were able to move on to the plasterboard. Amazingly there was no swearing :)  On these projects I act as unskilled labour but even for me holding full size plasterboards above my head was a challenge. Andrew did make up a dead man's lift ( a giant wooden t-shape that wedges the board up while you fix it to the ceiling) but even so it was hard work.

Bay window ceiling

The sitting room has a bay window which is single storey and with a slate roof. Once the original plaster had come off we noticed a gale blowing down so we stuffed it full of insulation. Next on the list is the insulation.

Bay after plasterboard

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  1. You're young. When we re-did the kitchen ceiling, we had to do half-sheets of gyproc, and even that was a struggle with the dead man helping and the captain cursing (yes, there was cursing!) We also opted for strapping instead of taping, mud and endless sanding. Ceilings are miserable, but it will look GREAT and no one will notice but you, and us. Keep up the good work!!