Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Sandringham Estate

We live less than 20 miles from Sandringham but in almost four years had never visited. Friends kept telling us that it was a lovely place for a walk but we just never got there, we always drove past on the way to the beach. But on a recent  cold, frosty day we wrapped up warmly, threw Mortimer in the car and headed off.

It was really lovely to be in woods again, although we're surrounded by trees and are in the orchards every day it's not the same as walk in an English woodland. The Queen has 600 acres in the country park and you are allowed to wander in most of it. We elected to follow one of the marked paths, just to make our life a little easier. Most of the ground was dry although there were a couple of muddy areas to negotiate. Mortimer was in his element, charging around investigating everything. We finished the afternoon with a hot chocolate and a piece of shortbread and promised ourselves another visit soon.
Low winter's light
Andrew & Mortimer playing hide and seek. Mortimer always wins.
Part of the Scenic Drive
You may remember Andrew has a log fetish - he took this shot

I love the colour of the bark

New scents
A frosty path
One of the few muddy sections
Andrew using some weird photo effect on me -just can't trust him & a camera
They could almost be shelves
Mortimer taking a break
Onward to hot chocolate!


  1. Wonderful logs and trunks. You can stop working for the East Anglian Tourist Board now. It's in the plan for 2015, honest! On second thoughts, don't stop. I love your 'tourist info' posts

  2. :-) it's just that we don't get to see real trees here! I really hope you do both make it east this year - you'd both be welcome to stay.