Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Frosty mornings

The cold and crisp weather of the holiday period has been a welcome break from the grey skies and muddy walks. In the orchards the Howgate Wonders have not been picked (apart from by us villagers) and the colour is spectacular when the sun hits them. They are also a welcome treat for hungry birds.


Bird treat

Mortimer loves the cold weather and goes straight on to the lawn for a roll.

Happy dog
Although his regular watering holes are a tad more difficult to access.

The orchard and surrounding fields take on a rich hue in the low winter sun.

A contrast to the skeleton bare Bramley apple trees in the shade.

Andrew has complained that the blog has too many photographs and not enough narrative - not like him to encourage me to witter on! Will try harder next time!


  1. You just tell that man in your life that it's well known that a picture's worth 1000 words: Great winter phpotos, especially the first one. Though it makes me sad to see so much unused fruit: even the birds don't want it, apparently.

  2. I'll tell him! The apples are such a waste I agree, you would think an arrangement could have been made with a local food bank as they are beautiful eating apples. The birds are now enjoying them, we have some blow ins from The Netherlands who come over every January and we have great displays - like a starling's murmuration - but I'm afraid I've no idea what they are!

  3. The pictures are gorgeous - a welcome treat. We're frozen pretty much solid over here with lots of snow. The Caribbean is calling, loud and clear...sigh.

    1. I'm just fed up with mud! So much so that my property searches are heading further and further into southern Europe!