Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Of mud and herbs

A friend has recently moved house and on the first sunny weekend decided to get the garden into shape for summer. I was horrified when she told me that she had got rid of all the herbs as she doesn't use them, "what's wrong with the mixed dried ones in a pot?'

The first thing I did when we moved was to plant a herb garden, I can honestly say that there is rarely a day when something doesn't get picked either by myself or Andrew.

Sunday - chives in the scrambled eggs, rosemary with the lamb.
Monday - thyme with mushrooms and an assortment of leaves in the salad
Tuesday - more thyme but with baked cherry tomatoes and bay leaves with lentils

I could go on!  I still have some gaps as my tarragon has failed and I would like more thyme varieties.

The herb border
The foxgloves are a bit of an aberration. When we moved in the border had foxgloves and hollyhocks, which grew to 5 feet or more and blocked the view from the window. This border is south facing and dry, perfect for herbs so the existing plants had to go, however the foxgloves keep appearing. I have resigned myself to their presence as they probably would have been planted in old herb gardens for their medicinal properties.

And now for something altogether less attractive! The last week or so has been quite wet but has not stopped the Sunday dog walk session. Buddy, trainee guide dog, enjoys mud. When I say enjoys, he really enjoys it. I'll let the photographs tell the tale.

First the puddle was carefully selected
Then a good roll
Followed by a shake

Then off to see Mortimer
Who was not impressed
So another roll
Finished off with some wet grass
But Mortimer is still unimpressed!


  1. What a messy dog! And you apparently so house-proud too!

    And quite right. Who'd want musty, dusty, throat-catching dried herbs when the fresh ones are so easy and appealing. We no longer have a garden, but those pots of herbs outside the front door are quite simply a must-have.

  2. Me, house-proud? I've never shard the photographs of the dog-hair tumbleweed that rolls around our kitchen floor have I? We've been away for a few days and although I thought I'd vacuumed before we left, more was there tp greet us on our return. But I am grateful that Buddy doesn't belong to us!

  3. Those dogs look like they're having the best time!
    I miss my herb garden in France, as soon as we get settled somewhere here, I'm planting one again :) x

    1. Those two dogs are the best of friends - it's just a shame that as a trainee guide dog we'll only see Buddy for a few more weeks. But the couple who train them have a new pup lined up - their 27th! I hope you get settled soon - I forgot the most important herb, mint for Andrew's blindingly good mojitos! :-)