Thursday, 8 May 2014

An English bank holiday

Having spent the last few weeks gadding about and enjoying ourselves we thought we'd better knuckle down to some work during the latest bank holiday. Lawns were mown, borders weeded, an over-flowing laundry basket was emptied and so much dust was vacuumed that the Dyson over-heated and had to have an overnight rest.

Mortimer was delighted to be reacquainted with trainee guide dog Buddy who he hadn't seen for a month.

I won!
I started a new project, restoring this old filing cabinet that will be perfect for t-shirts, scarves and other assorted apparel.

I tried out a new recipe on Andrew - Middle Eastern falling apart lamb. The photograph is courtesy of The Times as it was a race between my camera and Andrew's fork. I lost.

Middle Eastern falling apart lamb - courtesy of The Times

Andrew laid the carpet in our bedroom, with a little help.


But all work and no play...

So late on Monday afternoon we downed tools and headed for the beach. It was a good time to go as all the traffic was leaving Old Hunstanton as we arrived. Evidence showed it had been a busy day.

Footprints in the sand
But by the time we arrived it was much quieter.

There were quite a few sandcastles.

Very decorative
Hoping for a bone burial site
We ended the day with fish & chips on the green, complete with a seaview.

A typical British bank holiday (without the rain!).


  1. Now that sounds like a good - and productive - Bank Holiday. Great beach shots - but lucky that you didn't go there earlier, eh?

    1. I replied earlier but no idea what happened! Definitely a good move going late in the afternoon, it's something we like to do in the summer.

  2. love the pictures and glad you had a good bank holiday ....
    yesterday I had some of your strawberry jam and I can
    toughly recommend it All ... I will catch up with you All in
    august as I seem to be fencing this coming End of May
    Bank Holiday regrettably .

    Love to You All


    1. Thanks Mike - strawberry season soon so I'll make sure I tuck a jar aside for you!