Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Washing lines & bananas

This post started out as a slight confessional on my love of washing lines and then got hijacked by nostalgia which then turned into a lost afternoon.

I read Margaret's post and was filled with joy, there are people (quite a few if you read the comments) who love washing lines as much as I do. I even take photgraphs of them....

Washing on a snowy day
I have to say though (this is the confessional bit) I had to go back out and rearrange the clothes. The colours didn't flow right, the fleece, third from the left if you're interested, was in the wrong place and had to go at the beginning of the line. I do this all the time, clothes are carefully selected before pegging. My wardrobes are the same: black;grey;grey-blue;blue;blue-green - getting it now? If something is out of place I get eye ache. Can't help it.

So where did the wasted afternoon come in? When we were sailing I used to take photographs of other peoples washing lines, particularly if they were attached to a ramshackle building. I would even get my sketch book out. Somewhere I have these photographs but this afternoon I couldn't find them (did I hear sighs of relief?) so I thought I would have a look at our cruising website and see if any were there. They weren't but I had great fun remembering our adventure and I found this photo that we took in St.Lucia.

No idea!
Several years on we still have no idea!


  1. Great photos - and baffling banana tale. I now feel able to confess that my washing line has to be tickety-boo too. Colour coordinated, shirts together, socks together (and in pairs, please, always in pairs) knickers together and so on. Beautifully hung, so as to minimise or preferably eliminate ironing. Ah! How sad we are. Non?

  2. Sad - I don't think so (although Andrew has his doubts!) I'm even thinking of a washing line appreciation society or how about Laundry Appreciation Society? I could be a Las lass. Probably time I went to bed.

  3. Sharon .... I'm now moving into 'very' before 'concerned'!!
    Carole x

  4. Well if you buy the castle you may need me!