Sunday, 17 February 2013


For ages I've coveted a madeleine tin. I don't usually buy specialised tins, I'd end up with a cupboard full of rarely used bake ware. But there's something about madeleines, perfect for that mid-afternoon pick me up with a shot of espresso.

And guess what? My Valentine surprised me with this on February 14th.

Madeleine tray

Oh! in case you were wondering this is my Valentine.

My Valentine!
Now I've not made madeleines before but eventually settled on this recipe using vanilla caster sugar and substituting vanilla extract for lemon juice.They tasted good but rose a bit too much so wobbled on the plate.

First attempt
If anyone has a good recipe, please share!

Just in case you think that it was not a terribly romantic gift (although it was to me) I did get chocolate as well. An eight pack of Tunnock's, possibly in case the madeleines failed?

Tunnock's - true love

P.S any one got 20 million spare?


  1. Yes, it's a problem isn't it, this rarely used cake tin thing? I've recently got a thing about cannel├ęs, those chunky slightly sticky cakelets from Bordeaux. I haven't got the tin yet. Perhaps I'll get round to it now. But Tunnock's? What are you both thinking of? I've never had one mind, but am I REALLY missing out?

    1. Tunnock's are one of those misty memory things. When mt Father and I used to do the antique fairs it was always a Tunnock and a coffee early on kept us awake. There's not much chocolate but they're very chewy.

  2. I used to love Tunnock's! Though I wonder if I'd like them now as these days I find English chocolate-y things a bit yukky. But what really impressed me in this post was the picture of Andrew balanced on his two planks (which have a gap in the middle for heaven's sake), looking upwards and with both hands doing their thing ... speaking as one with a terminal balance problem I'd end up on the floor in an ungainly heap of my own plaster :)

    1. Fortunately Andrew has size 12 feet so can remain stable, although on Sunday I did hear a few crashes from upstairs. I know what you mean about English chocolate, not that there's much on a Tunnock. Mind you American chocolate if far worse, I really don't get Hershey bars, truly disgusting.

  3. Forget the Tunnocks - I want the 20 million castle!!