Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Previously at Nelson House

Our morning bathing ritual was done in here

I never really knew what shade of yellow it was

and having a bath was not a relaxing experience

Dig that brown carpet!

But as of this morning I open the bathroom door to this

I can't help smiling

and on the other side

L-shaped shower bath

The shower has a huge rain head which is just gorgeous to stand under

A Caribbean style soak!

When I've finished I can grab a soft,warm towel

Heated towel rail & extra storage

The tap gushes into the basin (we're used to a slow dribble)

Waterfall tap

The mirror is a 'statement piece' which we both love. It was what I had in mind but wasn't sure of Andrew's reaction but when we went out mirror shopping he said "that's what I was thinking of " before I had even mentioned it. No compromises needed this time.

Statement mirror

The controls are easy enough for even me to understand (and easy to clean!)

Chunky controls

And a reminder of the sea

A calm corner

So the first room upstairs is finished (mainly due to Andrew's multiple skills and hard work).

Only five more and a hall to go!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Margaret! Have you solved your tile supply problem yet?

  2. Yes. That is, we hope so. The shop rang and said they'd got something almost identical to the ones we'd chosen. Would we like to take a look? We looked. We hated them. Odd isn't it? They weren't THAT different, but they Wouldn't Do. About to give up, we suddenly spotted The Ones. We've ordered them. They haven't come yet......

    1. Fingers crossed then. I expect to see them on the blog soon.....

  3. Nice bathroom! But how could you bear to let go of that lovely carpet up the side of the bath?

    1. Thanks Kalba. Regarding the brown carpet I've carefully catalogued it photographically so I can lovingly reproduce it .....sometime....maybe.....

  4. Looks wonderful I don't know why you have not incorporated a carpet up the side of the bath this time.

    You must be relieved to be able to bath and shower I don't know how you coped for so long.

  5. We could always bath & shower - it's just we can now do it in luxury!