Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Do I have a problem?

As mentioned in a previous post I seem to have become a little obsessive over making jam, jellies & chutnies. I'd often make jam, who can't resist a hedgerow of blackberries or a bout of jam making after an over enthusiastic session at the 'pick your own'? But I seemed to have gone up a notch, or three. I've just had a count, and I didn't look to hard, but I've got 42 jars of jam, jelly and chutney in the cupboard.  I wouldn't mind but we don't eat much jam and unlike Kalba I don't have constant guests to consume it all. I do give some away but all that achieves is a reputation as a jam maker and I get given empty jars to fill. Or worse (better?) bags of fruit. I currently have a few kilos of pears waiting to be turned into chutney.

The jam cupboard

The list includes;

  • Strawberry
  • Plum
  • Rhubarb
  • Fig
  • Cambridge gage
  • Raspberry
  • Raspberry & tayberry
  • Sweet chilli
  • Red onion marmalade
  • Hedgerow
  • Green tomato chutney

and so it goes on. But why? Do I have a mean streak and can't abide waste? The orchard where we walk Mortimer has an abundance of elderberry trees. I kept eying up the berries - such a lovely colour. Surely I could make something.....

Next thing I know

Ripe pickings

They're in the preserving pan

Boiling away

Then strained overnight

Gently dripping
And boiled again

Thank heavens for extractor fans

Honestly officer, it's only elderberries!

Apparently elderberry jelly is really good with cold meats(so great for me -  the vegetarian).

So if anyone could shed light on this obsession I'd be grateful.

Until next time


P.S. I've got it! 42 jars in the cupboard, 43 is the meaning of life - where are those pears?!


  1. If you have a have I. Who cares? We stay out of everyone's way while we're pleasantly occupied. But I thought the meaning of life WAS 42?

  2. 42? 42!!! You're telling me that The Meaning of Life was in my preserve cupboard all the time. Damn!!!