Sunday, 30 October 2011

Under pressure

Now this title was meant for the post I was going to write about my sister in law who has asked for some help with her bedroom redecoration. However Aimee has awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award.

Now first thing is I'm embarrased as her blog, and the blogs she follows, are far more sophisticated than mine, with witty repartee and gorgeous photography. The second thing is that I'm about to be outed as a blog stalker - the people who write the blogs I follow may not know that I stalk them and am intimate with the details of their lives.
Now this wouldn't matter if the list didn't mean that I've awarded them a Versatile Blogger Award, and they have to provide their list and blogs they follow. So I'm tentatively hiding behind a wall waving at them in a sheepish fashion :-) Hello web-friends.

So here's my list:
  1.  I live by lists, it's the only way I can motivate my way through daily tasks and love the feeling when everything's been ticked off.
  2. I'm useless at remembering faces & names but I could tell you what you wore when I did meet you. Even from way back.
  3. My husband & I spent three years living on a boat in the US & the Caribbean. We still can't work out why we came back.
  4. In my youth I danced ballroom & Latin American competitively. And yes I sewed an awful lot of sequins.
  5. As a complete & utter Francophile I will, one day, own a house in France.
  6. If I want to de-stress I cook. And eat. And eat a bit more.
  7. I was convinced that I was a cat person through & through until this. 
Now to all those blogs that I follow regularly - they're an ecletic mix but I hope that you'll pop in & say hello.

Sara in Le Petit Village
Conjugating Irregular Verbs
OK this is a corporate blog but I love the photography & recipes
If only I could quilt like Kirsty
So wish my husband liked white
Loft & Cottage
This is my dream

OK. Enough. I can't do this anymore, I feel like a stalker and have go and have a lie down.

Normal service will return next time :-)


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  1. Hi Mr and Mrs Goat.Yes we follow your blogs and have just worked out that if you click on comments one can leave a comment.Mind you this hasn't been successfully sent yet!I'm scared to click on spellcheck in case everything vanishes.We live in fear of this net thingy.Pity us.Peter and Gail