Sunday, 2 October 2011

Guest room part two

So, back to the guest room. Like the master bedroom this is a temporary decoration as we will need to get better insulation installed but with guests arriving........
I wanted something bold and loved the inspirational photograph so picked out a strong pink from the Dulux range - Rock Candy 2. Combined with white matte this gives a bright & fresh look and by painting either side of the chimney breast it balances the statement headboard. The existing grey carpet got a clean and the worst of the stains were covered with rugs.
Wanting a vintage, but uncluttered, feel I was able to pull some items out of storage which was great. My intent with this house is to use items that we've collected for years and if, once we've finished the house, there are still things left in packing cases they'll have to go:)
One thing I needed was some shelving for my growing collection of 'The Observer's Book of.......'
No.19 published in 1954

Coloured plates
Now I love these books, the first of which was published in 1937. Partly it's the thrill of the chase, tracking down ones missing from my collection (there are 600 versions in total), but mainly it's a romantic vision I have. I imagine Enid Blyton type children, book at the ready, staring into streams identifying sticklebacks and minnows.
On adventures
Anyway, I needed some shelving for the collection and a few other pieces. The previous owner had left an assortment of small pine units in the workshop and I salvaged this.
Crudely made but great for that vintage look. I washed, sanded then gave it a couple of coats of white silk emulsion for a distressed look and painted the tongue and groove in an olive green. Perfect.

My first teddy bear is top right, bizarrely I named him 'Koala' and Andrew's is bottom left, apparently nameless. The Heidi book was my first ever school prize, gained in primary school for a project on Canada.
One of my collection of Lloyd Loom chairs was pefect for the corner. I added a cushion that I had made years ago, an old crochet tablecloth plus a woollen shawl. On the wall is an embroidery I did a while back.
Quiet corner
On the other side of the chimney breast is an old pine trunk made by Andrew's grandfather and a petit point picture made by his grandmother.
Linen trunk

Finally we needed a bedside table. I couldn't find anything I liked but remembered a stool that I had recaned some years ago. Andrew made a natty little cover for it from some spare MDF and with a 1950's embroidered tablecloth over the top it worked perfectly.
Bedside table
A rummage in my linen box revealed some pretty lace pillowcases and finally the room was complete.
Now I did have some problems photographing the room - it looked a little disjointed and so Andrew took some shots and stiched them together for me. The perspective is a little skewed but I think it gives a better overall feel to the room.
So if anyone wants to visit - just let us know:)

Until next time


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