Saturday, 10 September 2011

My talented friend

Carol & I met at the first year of secondary school, at the tender age of eleven. Although there have been times that we have lived different lives we have always kept in touch, more so as we have got older. When her two sons were little she knitted them each a 'blankie'. These were brightly coloured comforters, to be used in times of stress and illness, cocooning you on the sofa. Now I do have a bit of a thing about blankets and have a few in my collection but I truly envied the blankies.
Several years ago I received a single knitted diamond as a birthday present and Carol announced she was knitting me my own blankie. I was amazed, knowing how long they take to knit and considering that her life was already full with children, husband, a career and other serious commitments. A couple of 'it's nearly finished' deadlines came and went until a few weeks ago when she and her husband came to stay and she brought with her a big box. And inside was my very own blankie.

My blankie
Each diamond took an hour to knit and there are 150 of them, plus the sewing together and the lining. It's so gorgeous that I'm going to base the decorating scheme of the third bedroom around it.

Samuel the Spaniel looking on
Thank you Carol.

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  1. As a knitter I can appreciate all the work and the love that went into making your blanket. What a wonderful gift! Also, as a knitter it's nice when you can knit for someone that actually appreciates it!