Sunday, 18 September 2011

Guest room

Now we love to have guests and it's a pleasure to have a room that we can dedicate as a guest room and not use as a dumping ground. I like to make friends feel as though they're on holiday, even if it's just for a night. So I've been thinking about this room and thought I could have a bit of fun with it. Inspiration came from this photograph which we took while on holiday in Lake Garda earlier this year.
Lake Garda

I love the freshness of the pink and white but the grey grounds it and makes it feel more sophisticated.

My first thought was for the headboard, I wanted to do something a little funky and also give the room a bit of vintage character. I've collected fabrics forever and thought that I had a couple of metres of deep pink satin cotton which I could use, but whilst searching through the boxes found I'd used some of it already and there wasn't enough. But what I did find was some half pieced together patchworks and from there an idea grew.

Planning the patchwork

Pinned in place
I used to do a lot of patchwork and loved using old fabrics. Some of the sections were already pieced together and I recognised several Laura Ashley dresses that I wore in the 80's as well as a skirt or two of my mother's. It was quite difficult piecing the headboard together using existing stuff instead of starting from scratch but I hate waste and I'm also trying to have a clearout  so this project seemed the ideal opportunity to use them.

Finally, after two days, I was happy and started sewing everything together. I was lucky that Andrew had already made the headboard for our previous house so all I had to do was re-cover it.
Headboard in situ
Next time I'll show you the rest of the room.