Wednesday, 5 April 2017

March 2017

March has been a quiet month, nothing unsual happening. Spring has definitely arrived with glorious displays of blossom and new growth.

Blackthorn blossom

Willow buds
Andrew has finished decorating the hall and the carpet has been ordered. I'm not a big carpet fan and have a dislike of shopping for them, every carpet store is a sea of beige interspersed with highly patterned 1950's pub carpets. However I had an idea for our stairs and hall which I'm hoping works - watch out for the April post!

It has been the month where plans have solidified and we realised there is a possibility that 2017 will see the move to France. We think we have finally narrowed down our search area and I've become much taken with Uzerche. We've also realised that our language skills are pitiful and have both signed up for on line teaching with Rosetta Stone. I seem to have been persuaded to take the more advanced course ( although fortunately this can take French from a lowly level) and I've completed the assessment which gave me a headache. I did lose marks for confusing a brioche with a pain au lait - probably a guilloting offence. Andrew has decided on a different course but he's well into the swing of it.

La plume de ma tante!
We've also been dog sitting Milton for a couple of weeks. He settled into life at Nelson House quite well, quickly learning the house rules particularly where food was involved. He's a bit of a hedonist - enjoying warm, sunny spots.

So stressed!

Too hot for big dogs!
Me & mini-me
And no that isn't the new carpet - just new paintwork.

Apart from some snagging the inside of the house is finished so we're moving outside for the final couple of projects, which start next week.


  1. Uzerche? That's interesting. I think it's a really beautiful area, but too isolated, I think for us. I bet you find something lovely there!

    1. Now that's strange because we like the area because it's not far from Brive or Limoges airports, has a train station and is near some beautiful towns. Still we haven't bought anything...

    2. Oh wow great to see him so relaxed. Thank you so much for having him. Just about to leave St Albans. See you soon xx

  2. The hallway looks stunning - colefax & fowler? Let me know if you want a house hunting guest in tow x

  3. Thanks Carole - just wait until the carpet goes down! Oh! and it's Fired Earth's Tundra btw