Sunday, 12 July 2015

Samphire pasta

Samphire is one of those ingredients that I'm unsure in advance of eating but like it when I do! When we used to live in Eastbourne we could get it from our local beach fish hut but, surprisingly, hadn't seen it in the Fens, that is until last week.


It is the classic side dish to serve with fish, which doesn't help a vegetarian like me, so I had a think and came up with this.

Start your pasta boiling, I used linguine but spaghetti or tagliatelle would work. Rinse the samphire well and leave to drain.

While this was happening Andrew griddled a salmon fillet (no idea of timing - he just got on with it!).

A couple of minutes before the pasta has finished chuck in the samphire and continue for two or three minutes. Drain well.

Return the pasta and samphire back to the saucepan and add a good knob of butter, generous splash of olive oil and plenty of black pepper. Serve and squeeze a lemon over it all.

Samphire pasta

Andrew had his salmon whole but you could flake it.

Samphire pasta with salmon

A really quick but tasty dish.


  1. We saw samphire a lot when we were in Norfolk, but couldn't use it as we were B&B-ing. I longed to try it, though, and now we're back home, I can't source it. You tease!

    1. I did see some in Tesco's - from Israel!

  2. We used to gather samphire from the saltmarshes most weeks in our restaurant days (or occasionally buy it from small boys who'd set up their 'stalls' on the streets!). I love it, though if it's overcooked it's yuk :) You can get it here, on the fish counters ... for 18 euros a kilo ..... did I miss my vocation?

  3. Any other recipes would be very welcome Kalba - and at least the price here makes up for your cheap apricots!