Thursday, 11 June 2015

Images of the Yorkshire Dales

A while back we decided that a short holiday was needed, yes there was plenty to do here and we couldn't really afford the time but a break was becoming important. We started off looking at somewhere warm but there wasn't anywhere we wanted to go that didn't involve leaving home at 2 a.m for a ludicrously early flight. Not the most relaxing start to a holiday. So next was taking the car and heading to France but by now I was feeling guilty at leaving Mortimer in kennels for a week. A rethink was in order. One of the reasons we moved to The Fens was to explore areas of the U.K we didn't know but we hadn't really done any of that so we got a map out and plumped for the Yorkshire Dales.

At this point I really have to thank Margaret and her husband Malcolm. Margaret is a blog friend (who we had never met). I had started following her blog when she lived in France and continued when they came back to the U.K. To the Dales. I sent an email, outlining our preferences for the type of place we would like to stay and she drew up a shortlist for us. We plumped for Leyburn which turned out to be the perfect choice. A vibrant market town, walks on our doorstep and enough pubs & restaurants to keep us (and Mortimer) entertained. Mr M was particularly happy as on our first evening he shared a packet of pork scratchings with a very friendly chap and his wife called Mortimer the 'George Clooney of the canine world'. Mmmmm.

We found The Bolthole through Yorkshire Cottages and it was perfect for two and a dog. Just off the market square and so close to everything. One evening we were watching television (a novelty for us) and Andrew fancied some chocolate. In the advert break he put his shoes on, went out and bought chocolate and was still back before the programme restarted!

Although we didn't have a long to-do list we had intended to visit Harrogate and Fountains Abbey but we never made it (sorry Margaret and Malcolm!) as we were just entranced by the landscape and spent everyday out walking. I hadn't realised how much I missed hills. We both had childhoods on the North Downs and moved from there to the South Downs. Even when we were sailing we always could
see hills and mountains as most of the Caribbean islands are volcanic with high peaks.

A highlight of the trip was meeting Margaret and Malcolm. I admit to being a little apprehensive as they appear a formidable couple who do not seem to stand still. I'm pleased to say they were delightful and we had a lovely lunch, lots of talking and a great deal of laughing (and teasing of me for not yet deciding on which area of France I want to live in).

Anyway enough prose, a few photographs to whet your appetite.

Everywhere streams and rivers

Ancient bridges

Glorious scenery
Stiles - after a hesitant start Mortimer got quite used to them
Bothys (bothies?)

Dry stone walls
Masses of wild garlic
Near Buttertubs Pass
Did I mention the sheep?


  1. So beautiful! Sounds and looks ideal. We need to get there and borrow a dog.

  2. Mortimer would be happy for a return visit, just provide the pork scratchings :-)

  3. It was so good to meet you, and to have a 'return match' in the Fens. I'm glad you didn't see Fountains and Harrogate. Now you'll HAVE to come back.

    1. Ah thank you! Trust us we will be back :-)