Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bee & bathroom update

The beekeeping project has moved forward with the arrival of the hive. When I say it arrived, all the pieces did.

I had opted for a National beehive which is probably the most common design for British back garden beekeepers. Putting it together was easier than I'd thought it would be - must be all those years of Ikea flat packs!

First was the brood chamber, where the queen lays her eggs.

Mortimer supervising
Next was a super which is where the honey is stored.

Mortimer still supervising
Then the second super.

The roof was preassembled and so I was finished.

The debate is now on whether or not to paint the hive. It is cedar so will weather to a silvery colour. My friend who keeps bees has his in cream and a lot of commercial beekeepers have them in dark green, it's a slight camouflage.

A couple of days later we sat at the table making up frames. I started and Andrew joined in as he found it quite therapeutic!

Frame making
The weather was much better then the previous lesson for opening the hives so we all got quite a lot of hands on experience.

This was the first time that one of the hives had been opened this year. It was a small colony which had just had a brood box but they'd obviously been out and about collecting food as they had spread up to the roof to make honeycomb. We all had a taste and it was delicious.

Honeycomb in the roof

Whilst I've been playing with the bees Andrew has been able to spend a bit of time on the wet room. Although this photograph doesn't show it he has finished the floor

and prepped the shower end ready for tiling (which he's now started).

Next step is to get some bees and finish the tiling. Progress!


  1. Gosh. Such busy-ness. Can you really afford to take time out? It's all very impressive!

  2. You've got bees and bathrooms, we've got black flies and new ceilings in progress. I think you win.