Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Magic moment dreaming

Most days I try and squeeze in a magic moment, a few minutes (rarely more than 15) when I have a 'me' space. Sometimes I just loiter in the garden listening to the sounds or I may sit with a magazine (known to Andrew as my 'house porn moment'). On Sunday it was a particularly fine magic moment.

Andrew had lit the wood burner and made a batch of scones, served with cherry jam and cream. Although these were welcome they did somewhat kibosh my post Christmas diet! I'm one of life's curvy people (a.k.a.overweight) and over many years tried various faddy diets, all unsuccessful. The only way for me is to 'eat less and move more' but the last few months I've reversed this and it's been  'eat more and move less'! Ho hum! Anyway back to my magic moment.

It must be the weather but I went on an internet search for properties further south - yep more house porn.  It's not that I mind cold weather but I do dislike grey skies and mud. Browsing away I found this:

Okay you're saying, I can see it's bright and the weather looks nice but really? What's to get excited about? Well dear readers, just open the door…

to this stunning internal courtyard. There are eleven bedrooms - you're all invited!

There are lots of 'original features'...

Sadly even with current exchange rates the 700,000 euro price tag is way above my budget. But wait - 11 bedrooms? Maybe if 10 of us got together…

If you want more details


  1. Put me down for the master suite...Carol x

  2. We're in. You could fill the place full of senior-former-cruisers and feed them scones and jam.

    1. What a lovely idea! I can see a few pot luck evenings in that central courtyard can't you?

  3. Well! You are casting your net wider these days. Just wait till I start posting about Turkey.....

  4. Turkey? I thought you were learning Spanish!

  5. I'm definitely in - been looking at something to invest my pension pot in!!

    Carole x

  6. I think we may be on to something here!