Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Who needs southern Europe?

So call me fickle but when you get a day as glorious as last Saturday then why move at all? Fortunately it coincided with a visit by Andrew's sister and puppy Dexter. So we threw the dogs in the car and set off to Old Hunstanton beach.

Everyone had the same idea but as the beach goes on for miles it wasn't a problem. Dexter remembered that he loved the sea and both dogs were fascinated by the kite surfers.

Dexter (the black dog) went straight to the sea
It didn't take Mortimer long to join him
C'mon Dexter!
Andrew took photographs of the kite surfers...

And I took photos of dogs and textures...

Tucked behind the sand dunes by the lifeboat station is a great café, really dog friendly. The garden was so sheltered and the sun so warm we ate lunch outside (yep in February. In Norfolk.) They bake dog biscuits and sell them at 3 for a £1. Mortimer decided that, as the biggest dog, he should have the third one.

I'm sure that's mine
After a hearty lunch we walked some more and decided that a good day was had by all. And not a squeak from the dogs on the way home.

End of the day


  1. There, you see? Just wait till we get back though. The heavens will open.

    1. Too late Margaret - they opened this morning, and brought their friend the wind!