Saturday, 21 December 2013

Return Match

Last weekend Andrew's sister came to visit, bringing Dexter the puppy, an opportunity for us to return her hospitality of a few weeks ago. With two over excited dogs we felt the best bet was to let them run wild on Old Hunstanton beach.

Hunstanton was one of the towns effected by the storm surge a couple of weeks ago and this was noticeable on the beach. When we arrived we noticed the tide line covered with grass, the sea had eroded a lot of the sand dunes and in some places broken through.

Dune erosion

Some parts of the cliff had suffered too, they are made from carrstone. a soft sandstone.

One of the effects of the surge was that the mussel beds,  always visible at low tide, had completely disappeared giving a great expanse of sand for the dogs to run on. Dexter hadn't seen the sea before but Mortimer showed him the ropes.

Come on Dexter!
Whao! That was fun!
Back for more
Nothing like a seawater dip
Do we have to go?
After a good run we had lunch at the café by the lifeboat station which gets my vote as they allow dogs inside.

In the evening we went to a concert at Peterborough Cathedral. We had seen the Medieval Baebes  last year at Ely Cathedral, I love their style of singing with beautiful harmonies and a repertoire of early music. Andrew wasn't sure but had been won over by the beauty of their voices. Forget Gregorian chants (which I happen to like as well) their music has a lot of Moorish and Arabic influences and can be quite haunting. We hadn't told Carole where she was going but, she said,she really enjoyed it.

We hadn't seen the Cathedral at night before but it looked stunning.

I had an overwhelming desire to straighten the stools


  1. Straighten the stools? We haven't got that in common. I get unsettled by too much orderliness: perhaps I should run wild over the beach with the dogs. Happy Christmas!

    1. Nooo! I have to have balance and order, I've been known to get up in the night just because I think a wardrobe door isn't closed properly. Merry Christmas to you both too.