Sunday, 13 October 2013

How do I know autumn has arrived?

It's not because the leaves are beginning to turn and the rosehips are in full colour.


Or that, after a late start, the apples have been harvested and only the windfalls are left.

After the harvest

Nor that the first autumn storm has hit

Friday afternoon
or soup has replaced salad.

French onion soup
No. It's that my neighbour has issued his yearly invite to his field to pick these.

Which got topped & tailed.

Ready to go
And got mixed with sugar and gin.

All shook up
And are now sitting in a dark cupboard doing their magic.

If you want quantities:

70cl gin
175g sugar
300g sloes


  1. Mine have been stewing in the dark for a couple of weeks now - I think they ripen a little earlier in Surrey. I freeze them first as I'm too lazy to prick the skins! Carol xx

    1. Hi Carol - it was a warm day and an excuse to sit in the garden! Mine have been in the cupboard for a couple of weeks as well - just very behind with my blogging :-(

  2. Oh, lovely photos. You're very organised: we haven't done our sloe-gathering yet. I need quite a few as I like to make sloe and apple jelly too.

  3. Thank you about the photographs - just trying to keep up with you. Sloe & apple jelly - I don't know this one. Is it for toast or with meat?

    1. Either. Yummy for breakfast on toast

  4. Perfect snapshots of Autumn! :)

    1. Thank you Sara - probably a bit different to autumn in LPV!