Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Confessions of a snow lover

I make no apologies for the photographic nature of this post. I just love snow. I know it causes disruption but it's just gorgeous. Last Wednesday we woke up to minus 13 centigrade and a light snow fall but heavy frost. By the time we walked Mortimer it had warmed to minus 9 and didn't get warmer than minus 5. There was a freezing fog which had it's own type of snow which I nicknamed 'frizzle' a sort of freezing mizzle.

Freezing fog

At times the fog would clear and we could see the beauty of the ice. I loved the bright burst of colour from the copper beech.

Copper beech
Remember this place? It was only a couple of weeks ago that Mortimer was retreiving sticks from here!

Where's my pond gone?
We were promised a lot of snow on Friday but it didn't amount to much although we did have more on Sunday. Sadly they were both at night so I couldn't sit by the fire with a hot chocolate watching the snowflakes.

We've been making sure the bird feeders are topped up but the rabbits are making their own arrangements.

Rabbit stripped bark

One of the reasons I like snow is that it unifies everything. We walk past these sheds everyday and they are a muddle of shapes and materials. Here they just look charmingly rustic.

Small holders work
Tractor tracks
Some times it was sunless and the world became monochrome although with a beautiful light. But then there were also hours of brilliant sunshine.

Cloudless sky

I loved this field, the weeds looked just like cotton plants in full bloom.

Snow cotton
Needless to say Mortimer just loves the snow and ends up covered with ice.

This is my best side!
Ice beard
Mortimer took credit for this snowman which looks remarkably like a painting we found under the wallpaper in guest room 2.

All my own work
Bedroom artwork
Which segues nicely into the fact that Andrew is cracking on with aforementioned room and has, with great timing, been putting up the insulation. 

50mm insulation
I just love this stuff, the difference it makes is amazing.

Detail round window
Tomorrow we'll be carrying sheets of plasterboard upstairs and it will start to look like a room again. And I can take over with painting and soft furnishings. Can't wait!


  1. Aaaahhh, that Norfolk flatness! Gorgeous photos, Sharon. So far here we haven't had a snowflake, though it's all around us and just 25 metres or so higher than us is white. Funny things, snow lines.

    1. I'm glad you liked the photos Kalba. My camera broke at the end of last year but Andrew surprised me with a new one for Christmas - and it has a snow setting! I do enjoy the Norfolk skies but I would love to see mountains. Even a hill. Small slope.

  2. Lovely pictures indded, but Kalba's right. Barely a snowflake in sight here. Barely a sunbeam either. So lots of work indoors, of the type you're doing. But getting plasterboard upstairs ..... I was thinking of you.

    1. Andrew complained that there are too many photos of Mortimer and not enough of the house. I suggested that bare brickwork is probably getting a bit tedious for the readers! Ten sheets of plasterboard went upstairs today, why do I always get to walk backwards up the stairs? But no bruises and no bad language so can't be all bad. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished bathroom photos - can't be long now :-)

  3. Oh yes it can. Plumber has now got a 10 day old baby. I think we shan't be seeing him anytime soon.

    I have a new camera too. It's taking me a while to get to grips with it

  4. Am inspired both by the lovely snow pictures and the insulation. It's been freezing here - what can you say about an 1880 house with very limited insulation?! Have been looking at yours and wondering if I could fit it in my bedroom (given it's only connected to the house through the floor and small end wall, it's really been cold!). what do you think?!


  5. I'd get a quote for cavity wall insulation on the extension - cheap, painless and grants available. As for the main house - how about wearing wooky-like fleeces and drinking lots of mulled wine!!